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MEC Design Unveils its Version of the Luxury Car: SLS AMG Black Series

Another upgraded version of the luxury carMercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, is now available from MEC Design. The tuners created a very interesting package for the car, and we’re sure they will find many interested customers for this special edition.

The upgrade includes a new carbon body kit with new diffuser, front splitter, side spoiler, and front and rear bumpers. On the inside, the car was fitted with leather-edged floor mats and full carbon fiber trimmings.

The most interesting part, however, can be discovered under the hood. The original output of the supercar was increased to 631 hp. As a final touch, the tuners gave the SLS AMG Black Series a new set of wheels and upgraded suspensions.

This  luxury car would look great in the Men In Black Garage. Check it out!



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Amazing CXL Trimaran with Luxury Garage for a McLaren MP4-12C

Want to travel the world and take your beloved McLaren MP4-12C with you over seas? All you need is a floating luxury garage, and UltraLuxum has got the perfect solution for you: the stunning CXL trimaran concept. This baby is reportedly the largest sailing trimaran in the world, boasting a width of 75 feet when the retractable outer hulls unfold.

McLaren Applied Technologies designed these retractable hulls for extra safety and stability, making the trimaran much more reliable than any mono hull of similar size. After the hulls are retracted (and this can happen in a matter of minutes), the vessel measures just 36 feet, making it very versatile and easy to handle in ports and marinas of different sizes.

When the vessel will make it to the production lines, it will be crafted from vacuum-infused epoxy. The three-deck yacht has four guest cabins, a master cabin, an optional spa, and the aforementioned custom garage that was designed to only fit the top in luxury cars – McLaren MP4-12C, and no other car. The interior design was made by Coste Design & Partners and Jessica Sbaraglia of UltraLuxum.

luxury garage for McLaren MP4-12C


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David Beckham is the New Face of Breitling Luxury Watches

What happens when a historic Swiss brand and a global style icon combine forces? You get a gorgeous timepiece that is perfect for the fashion lover on the go. The dapper footballer and father of four, David Beckham is the new face of Breitling’s Transocean Chronograph Unitime world timer luxury watches.

In the tough school of aviation, a domain where safety is of vital importance, pioneers needed instruments that were both, reliable and very efficient and Breitling’s pocket and wrist chronographs made the cut. This is the world’s only major watch brand that submits all its movements – both mechanical and quartz – to the extreme tests of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) – the highest benchmark of precision and reliability. Hence as a brand, Breitling has always had ties with aviation and have launched several travel  watches, including the famous Unitime in the 1950s and 60.

luxury watches

This year, the brand soars even higher with the new the Transocean Chronograph Unitime. The ultimate traveller’s watch, this timepiece is equipped with the new Manufacture Breitling Caliber B05 featuring a patented mechanism. Additional features of this high performance selfwinding chronograph include a universal time function that enables permanent readings of the time in all 24 timezones, and a user-friendly crown-operated correction system. Endorsed by a five year warranty, the timepiece is officially chronometer-certified by the COSC.

The Breitling advert features Beckham, posing in a black leather jacket and grey t-shirt with slicked back hair, on the runway of the Mojave Air & Space Port in California. Shot by American photographer Anthony Mandler, the visual shows the soccer star standing in front of a private jet wearing his Transocean Chronograph Unitime. “I’ve always been a long-time admirer of Breitling,” he says. “As a company they create not only the highest-performance watches but also timeless designs that have inspired generations. It was a natural choice for me to partner with this fantastic brand.”




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Mahindra & Mahindra in a Bidding War to Own Luxury Car Company Aston Martin

Having changed hands from Ford Motors to Investment Dar in 2007, British luxury car maker Aston Martin is up and about, looking for a strategic investor who could own as much as a 50% stake in the company.


Interestingly the two companies battling it out for the coveted slot are Italian private equity fund InvestIndustrial and Indian SUV manufacturer and tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra.


The current scenario indicates that the bid lies in favour of M&M, and the company could initiate a deal with 40% stake, while holding rights to up the deal by an additional 10% over the next four years, says Economic Times.


Having to front possible over £250 million, this is a remarkably bold move by M&M considering they presently have no luxury sportscars or supercars in their portfolio.


M&M stands to gain a lot from this cult luxury cars  brand which has made a star-studded Hollywood appearance in as many as 11 James Bond flicks. The acquisition of a major stake in Aston Martin will certainly refurbish M&M’s utility vehicle manufacturer tag, and up its glam quotient by quite a few notches. Anyone else waiting to see Bond roll out in an M&M stamped ride?

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Infiniti Opening Up Luxury Cars To Brazil

Luxury cars group Infiniti  will open its first dealerships in Brazil in 2014 with an initial range of three luxury vehicles.

The premium Japanese car maker will open in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro before the end of 2014 and will boast cutting-edge architectural design as well as promising new levels of client service in line with the country’s growing affluence. Further showrooms in Santa Catarina and Paraná are planned for 2017.

The first Infiniti luxury cars  to become officially available will be the FX sport crossover, the 7-seater luxury JX crossover plus an all-new sports sedan that is yet to be launched.

The company has expanded rapidly since opening its first dealership in the US in 1989 and now has a presence in 47 markets including South Korea, Russia, China and most recently Singapore, Chile, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Australia.


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Art Deco Garage

Art Deco Garage by Garage Mahals.

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Break Room

Break Room designed by Garage Mahals.

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Cinema Entertainment Room

Cinema Entertainment Room done by Garage Mahals.

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Classic Car Garage

Classic Car Garage designed by Garage Mahals

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Ferrari Custom Garage

This 2400 sq ft Ferrari themed subterranean garage is to be part of a stunning 45,000+ sq. ft. new construction in Paradise Valley, AZ.

This living showcase will display retired race cars and their decorated hoods, and provide an exciting entertainment venue for the owners and guests. In keeping with the Ferrari theme, all surfaces are sleek and glossy. The entertainment center and bar cabinets are to be of all acrylic with no visible handles. The large Ferrari logo embedded in the metallic pearl floor is unobstructed by the thick glass bar top.

Sure to be a big hit, one of the actual racing Ferrari’s will be converted to a fully functional racing simulator (see the yellow car on the platform). Front projectors will display a wrap-around image, actuators under the platform will move the car, and an integrated sound system will provide an exciting and very safe entertainment experience.

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Fire House Garage

Fire House Garage theme from Garage Mahals

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Industrial Theme Garage

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Men In Black Garage

Men in Black (MIB) themed garage.

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Racing Garage

This design is for the show model garage space of the My Extra Garage, garage condo project, being developed by UTAZ in the Chandler, AZ Airpark.

First off, the space is 99ft long, 24 ft wide and has a clear height of 22 ft. So it’s a rather long rectangular shape. The concept was to break up that shape into multiple areas of interest.

The 22 ft height allows for a mezzanine level for entertainment or relaxing, while keeping the bottom level open for the cars, etc. The ground level has some storage and workbench facilities as well as a restroom beneath the stairs.

There are three definite areas to the mezzanine level, the first you come to is the lounge area. This has some cherry wood cabinets, and leather furnishings to give it a warm comfortable feel. Glass railing surrounds all openings to the level below.

The center area is for display of a single prize auto. The platform under this auto can be lowered to ground level so that the car can be driven. The cable lift system is supported by the large overstated I-beam arches. Which also serve to break up the long narrow feel of the space and add some interest.

The third area of the mezzanine is the fun space. Done up in retro service station style, it has plenty of color and eye candy to get people excited.

There is much more to this design, but space here is limited.

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Retro Industrial Garage

Retro Industrial Garage completed by Garage Mahals.

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Sports Car Garage

Sports Car Garage completed by Garage Mahals

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Underground Garage

This 5,000 sq. ft. garage is part of a much larger new construction project in Nebraska. The requirements for this space are that the materials and construction techniques be of the very highest quality, such that the environment will last a very long time. It was assumed that the environment should have no specific theme so that over a long period of time, the space would not become dated. There are also a number of surfaces that can be readily updated in the future, so the environment can keep up with style changes if necessary. Another requirement was to have no exposed fasteners. This is a tough one and required a lot of engineering and design time.

The environment uses very little wood and most fabricated items are of a structural steel frame with stainless steel trim for durability.

The project was completed in spring 2011.

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Art Deco Garage

This is our Art Deco Garage

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1st Luxury Garage

This was the original and first true GarageMahal built by Michael Rhodig to show the world his concept of what a luxury garage environment is supposed to be. Incorporating as many design elements, functionalities, and materials as possible while still maintaining a cohesive and stunning environment was the objective of this project. Images of this garage formed the backbone of the first marketing materials used by GarageMahals and was finished just in time for display at the January 2006 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. The garage was a big hit with attendees, and proved that the concept had true market acceptance.

See the “Red Button”? This mystery button is a favorite of every visitor. When you push the button, a flashing yellow industrial warning light and “awnk – awnk” warning sound draws your attention to mid ceiling above. You observe a large 2 ft. by 10 ft. panel with the far end rotating down from the darkness of the flat black ceiling. The panel rotates to about 65 degrees and stops. Then the bottom of an extension ladder lowers until it touches the floor and everything stops. Your access to the attic above the 13 ft ceiling is now conveniently available. Simply push the red button again and the whole process repeats in reverse until the large panel is again flush with the ceiling. Everyone seems to find this automation very entertaining and so convenient.