Chevrolet Announces MSRP for New Stingray Coupe & Convertible

Liking what you see but curious how much it costs? Well, Chevrolet is finally here with some price announcements regarding the new Corvette Stingray and its Convertible sibling. Before giving you the exact numbers (enjoying the suspense?) we should tell you that even though specifications have been significantly improved, the prices haven’t soared in a spectacular manner. More specifically, the new coupe is just $1,400 pricier, while the convertible version is $2,395 more expensive than the previous generation.

And now for the actual prices: the Stingray Convertible has a base price of $56,995, and the Stingray Coupe has a MSRP of $51,995. These are, however, only the starting points, as more options will mean more money, and they could up the cost to as much as $20,000. A lot, we know, but even so, the Stingray is reportedly more affordable than rival luxury sports coupes (such as the Nissan GT-R and the Porsche 911).

So what will the base version bring to the table? Apparently plenty of cool stuff. The convertible will get a removable roof panel made of carbon fiber, and a smart key fob that enables the driver to lower the roof from a distance.The coupe will flaunt HID headlight with LED running lights, a seven-speed manual transmission, and a cool Bose audio system. While the standard version is not at all a bad choice, we believe many of the available options will prove too tempting for most buyersto resist.

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