Based on an average garage size of 1500 square feet the cost will run between $150 dollars a square foot to $ 250.00 a square foot. The variance depends on how complex a design is and what materials are being fabricated. Smaller garages can run higher per square foot and larger ones can be lower.  
6 months is generally the time frame from initiation to finish. This largely depends on the complexity and interaction with the client and vendors related to the project. Client change orders and outside vendor involvement can extend the time to completion.
GarageMahals will schedule an initial creative discovery meeting with the client and spend the time discovering the passions of the client to creatively apply to a luxury garage solution starting with our conceptual design phase.
All of GarageMahals projects goes through a rigorous process that took 7 years to refine. We try to mitigate the risk of our clients exposure both financially and with the highest quality standards in mind. The process can be understood in more detail by going to our process page on the web site.
No, we do not have a Dealer program. We researched doing so and found that it was too big of a risk to maintain our standards and pricing effectiveness.  
Due to the one of a kind custom design and fabrication of our products we only sell these items as part of our overall design solution.   
Our process and capabilities have allowed us to service clients worldwide.