Garia Mansory Currus: First Ever Luxury Design Roadster Golf Car to be launched at Geneva Motor Show

garia_mansory_currus_first_ever_luxury_design_roadster_golf_car_to_be_launched_at_geneva_motor_show_bkowlBeing inspired by the sense of joy and freedom an auto enthusiast get from riding a luxury sports car, and with an idea to translate that awesome experience to the golf car, the Denmark-based luxury golf car manufacturer Garia which earlier impressed us with its Garia 2+2 multi-functional golf cart and the $17,500 Garia Golf cart has now launched two new models, the Garia Roadster and the limited-edition of the roadster called the Garia Mansory Currus. Scheduled to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the Garia Mansory Currus, limited to 7 examples for sale, comes with signature Mansory luxury features including custom seat, carbon fiber rear body, and dashboard in genuine leather, along with many other luxury details found on custom cars.



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