Racing Garage

This design is for the show model garage space of the My Extra Garage, garage condo project, being developed by UTAZ in the Chandler, AZ Airpark.

First off, the space is 99ft long, 24 ft wide and has a clear height of 22 ft. So it’s a rather long rectangular shape. The concept was to break up that shape into multiple areas of interest.

The 22 ft height allows for a mezzanine level for entertainment or relaxing, while keeping the bottom level open for the cars, etc. The ground level has some storage and workbench facilities as well as a restroom beneath the stairs.

There are three definite areas to the mezzanine level, the first you come to is the lounge area. This has some cherry wood cabinets, and leather furnishings to give it a warm comfortable feel. Glass railing surrounds all openings to the level below.

The center area is for display of a single prize auto. The platform under this auto can be lowered to ground level so that the car can be driven. The cable lift system is supported by the large overstated I-beam arches. Which also serve to break up the long narrow feel of the space and add some interest.

The third area of the mezzanine is the fun space. Done up in retro service station style, it has plenty of color and eye candy to get people excited.

There is much more to this design, but space here is limited.

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