Second Generation BMW X6 to Debut in Moscow Next Year

It’s a successor’s job to be better and more impressive than the previous generations. Consequently, the new BMW X6 is going to show some pretty nice features when it makes its debut at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show. Expect to see a more aggressive vehicle with a more imposing stance, higher quality interior materials, top-notch technologies, and better fuel efficiency.

The automaker’s aim is to accentuate the distinction between the more practical models in the X line (like the X3 and the X5) and the X6, which has a sportier character. The massive car will be built on the X5 platform, but a few modifications will be made to it to ensure extra legroom for the rear passengers.

Official information on the second generation X6 is scarce, but it is very likely for it to feature V6 diesel and petrol units, V8 petrol units, and even a plug-in hybrid engine that combines petrol with electric energy, and which is scheduled for launch in 2015. The new generation X6 will be available for purchase sometime in Q3, 2014.



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