Smith Garage

This garage was the first for the Smith Family of Paradise Valley, AZ. This project proved to be an exercise in blending of two very distinct styles. Mr. Smith really enjoys both the art deco gasoline pumps he had already collected, and the look and feel of high tech. He asked Michael to see if he could make those two world’s come together in his garage. Red, silver, and white are the dominant colors of this garage. The lighting facades over the pumps simulate service station awnings of the same time period, while the lighting, workbench, wainscoting, and door panels are purely high tech in appearance.

Michael paid very close attention to detail and to his customer’s background and taste. For example, whenever possible, automotive finishes are used, and the white paint on the hanging facades in not just any white, but GM Alpine White, first used on Cadillacs of the late 1950’s. Michael chose this color while attending an auto show in Payson, AZ while this project was in design.

You can’t miss the use of aircraft safety switches for lighting controls at the workbench. Michael did this as a surprise for the client based on his background as an US Air Force pilot. Customized lighting and automation control is a big deal in every GarageMahal.

The large red panels seen in this image are actually rolling doors. Mr. Rhodig created these for another customer needing larger storage capacity at floor level than typical box style cabinets. The Rolling door Cabinet has been developed into a standard GarageMahals product. Color and styles available for these doors is limitless.

The garage door decorative panels are now a standard product of GarageMahals. These panels are of simulated brushed aluminum and carbon fiber. Color and style for door panels is limitless.

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