New Smith Garage


This is the second garage for this wonderful client. This beautiful 30,000 sq. ft. home in Paradise Valley, AZ features a 10 car “U-Shaped” auto court. The center four bays make up this 1500 sq. ft. show garage. For this new garage, Mr. Smith wanted to keep with the theme of his first GarageMahals environment, which is a blend of Art Deco design with contemporary elements. Although this space carries the same theme as the previous garage, it is much more than the first.

One of the stunning features of this garage is the style and drama of the columns and covers used to obscure all garage door mechanicals. Only the decorated inner surface of the roll-up door is revealed. This has become a GarageMahals signature trademark. For this space, designer and GarageMahals founder, Michael Rhodig, amplified the client’s love of aviation by selecting images of 1930’s era Arizona aviation from the Ruth Reinhold collection at the Arizona Historical Foundation. These images were enlarged to cover the entire visible interior surface of each garage door.

The garage doors themselves are creations of GarageMahals. The client was having a hard time getting what he wanted for doors made of African Mahogany, and the issue of weatherability of this beautiful wood in the Arizona sun, lead Michael Rhodig to suggest that they be made of fiber reinforced composites and foam core construction and finished to look exactly like real African Mahogany. The project was a success and is a delight for Mr. and Mrs. smith.

Design, Project Supervision, and flooring: Michael Rhodig, GarageMahals

Garage door exterior finish: Tory Long, Artistic Wall Expressions

General Contractor: Cal Christiansen and Company

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