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Gorgeous Mercedes CL 500 Black Matte Edition by Famous Parts

The specialists at Famous Parts have turned the stock Mercedes-Benz CL 500 into a better looking and more appealing ride, dubbed Black Matte Edition. Rolling on 21-inch Brabus Monoblock E alloy wheels and sporting a matte foil finish, it has a menacing and very attractive stance.

If features a Prior Design wide body kit, which includes new side skirts, larger wheel arches, trunk-mounted spoiler, ventilated hood, and a new aggressive front bumper. Also part of the tuning project are the LED daytime running lights, the electronically lowering module, a CL 63 AMG-sourced sports exhaust system, and new Continental Sport Contact tires. No word on its price yet.

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DC Design Announces New Manufacturing Facility for the Avanti

DC Design plans on opening its fourth manufacturing facility in India, with a capacity of 3,500 cars. Dilip Chhabria, the founder of the company, told the Economic Times of India that the new plant will be erected in Sanand, Gujarat, India, with production is expected to start in 2014. It will reportedly roll out 2,500Avantis, and maybe a new SUV that the manufacturer intends to launch next year. Also scheduled for production are 1,000 units of the already existing DC models.

About the Avanti sports car, even though some have been referring to it as a supercar, its specifications don’t really make it fully worthy of that designation. However, DC has a very special way of making the car extra appealing: the company will only create 4,000 examples of its every model, and then move on to a new one. Powered by a265 horsepower2.0-liter FordEcoBoost engine, we believe that the Avanti is worthy of a special place in a diehard car collector’s garage.


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FAB1 Million Rolls-Royce Ghost for Breast Cancer Care

The FAB1 Million Project is a bold initiative to raise £1 million to help fight breast cancer. Chris Evans, the head of the project, contacted Rolls Royce and made them a very interesting offer: to create a bespoke luxury car that would help this charity action. Jolyon Nash, Sales and Marketing Director at RR was thrilled by the idea, and after “countless hours” of hard work, this magnificent Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase was born.

Sporting the ‘FAB 1’ writing on the treadplates, and the pink ribbon emblem embroidered on the headrests, this luxury cruiser is a real work of art. A superb Crème Light interior with Blushing Pink accents is meant to provide memorable rides to all those who step inside. Being an extended wheelbase model, the car provides generous legroom to the rear passengers, but the luxe experience doesn’t stop at this.

The FAB 1 Ghost boasts a champagne coolbox, 9.2 inch LCD screens, hand veneered picnic tables, 600 Watts surround sound with 16 speakers and 10-channel amplifier, lambswool footmats, and other exquisite touches of excellence. The car will help raise money for the breast cancer care by being available to hire over the next year, starting this month. Actually, the official launch of the project is today (April 18).


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Awesome DMC Duro Package for the 2013 Bentley Continental GT

DMC has unveiled a new and very exciting upgrade kit for one of the most alluring luxury cars out there – the 2013 Bentley Continental GT. They called it Duro and they made it awesome.

The entire body kit is based on carbon fiber, from the new rear diffuser and spoiler to the aerodynamic sills and front bumper with spoiler. To match the new sporty look of the car, DMC also added a new set of 22-inch wheels with 295/25/22 tires, as well as a new exhaust system made of titanium.

The interior is customizable according to the client’s preferences, which makes thing even more exciting. They will be able to choose from a variety of fine materials and trims, such as exotic wood, carbon fiber, and premium leather.

Finally, the tuners made some changes into the engine department as well, offering 901 HP and 575 lb-ft of torque. The new top speed is 200 mph, and the 0-60 mph time is 4.5 seconds. How does all this sound to us? Very ‘Yes, please’!


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World Champion

Check out our latest project that we have been working hard on!

Read more here: World Champion

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Featured on “Building The Ultimate Garage”

We were featured on www.buildingtheultimategarage.com, where they talk about “Why Hire a Desinger to Design and Furnish you Dream Garage?

f the task of designing your garage remodel or managing your new construction project is a bit daunting, there is a way to seek out assistance. Figuring out what to buy, how to customize it and where to place it can be a bit overwhelming, which is why there are many trade professionals such as architectsdesignershome builders and companies that specialize in the field of garage design, such as GarageMahals, to eliminate these headaches. Some people enjoy the process of designing, sourcing materials and remodeling, but others do not. If you do not find any of these ideas appealing, then simply allocate these details to a professional.

There are many good reasons to work with a profession garage designer to help make your garage construction or remodeling process easier. If you choose to work with a designer, you will have a skilled partner that will be able to evaluate your needs, what permits you may need, help to find furnishings, suppliers and qualified contracts and requesting accurate bids for products and services.

Hiring an experienced practitioner can solve problems, help you avoid costly mistakes and, most importantly, create an attractive, affordable garage space designed specifically to meet your needs.

Today’s designers are armed with powerful software tools to give you an idea of what you new garage will look like before you have made a single purchase. Creating a digital and virtual walkthrough of your dream garage will not only give you a better picture of your shared vision, but can also open up some new ideas in the process.

Read more at: Why Hire a Desinger to Design and Furnish you Dream Garage? 
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We Were Featured by Auto Chuck

From coolest car garages in homes to apartment garages that allow you park your expensive wheels next to your living space, we have seen them all. They aren’t just embodiment of a different flair but also mark the ingenuity of creators. Now we are going to introduce you with a different type of garage which is devoted to Ferrari only and by different, we really mean different.

Part of a stunning 45,000+ square feet new construction in Paradise Valley, AZ, the Ferrari themed subterranean garage is an ideal destination for any super car Ferrari nerd who always wants to be in the close proximity of prancing horses. Meant to display retired Ferrari race cars and their hoods, the living showcase is spread in 2400 sq. ft. area to entertain owners and guests.

The garage has all the surfaces sleek and glossy to keep up with the Ferrari theme with entertainment center as well as bar cabinet made of acrylic sans visible handles. Adding more uniqueness to the theme of Ferrari garage is a large Ferrari Logo embedded in the metallic pearl floor and a real racing Ferrari converted into a fully functional simulator.

You can read more at: Auto Chuck

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Thermal Exclusive Car Club-Amazing Custom Garages

Check out these custom garage villas. The Thermal Club is the premier private motorsports facility in the world. In addition to 4.5 miles of Members-only racetrack, the Club facilities will include a fully amenitized Clubhouse and Village unrivaled in the motorsports world, and will rank among the best of private clubs of any type.

 At Thermal they understand that setting records means raising the bar both on and off the track. All 4.5 miles of our exquisite racetrack is designed to push both amateur and professional to their limit, giving members the thrill of driving at peak performance amidst the endless desert skies.
Members of Thermal will also have full access to secured vehicle storage and the opportunity to select and customize personal garage lots for trackside entertainment.

Whether on or off the tarmac, Thermal provides its members the finest elements for a performance lifestyle.

We’ll be designing some of the garages there in the near future! We’ll keep you posted as for now for more information check them out at: Thermal Club


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Amazing CXL Trimaran with Luxury Garage for a McLaren MP4-12C

Want to travel the world and take your beloved McLaren MP4-12C with you over seas? All you need is a floating luxury garage, and UltraLuxum has got the perfect solution for you: the stunning CXL trimaran concept. This baby is reportedly the largest sailing trimaran in the world, boasting a width of 75 feet when the retractable outer hulls unfold.

McLaren Applied Technologies designed these retractable hulls for extra safety and stability, making the trimaran much more reliable than any mono hull of similar size. After the hulls are retracted (and this can happen in a matter of minutes), the vessel measures just 36 feet, making it very versatile and easy to handle in ports and marinas of different sizes.

When the vessel will make it to the production lines, it will be crafted from vacuum-infused epoxy. The three-deck yacht has four guest cabins, a master cabin, an optional spa, and the aforementioned custom garage that was designed to only fit the top in luxury cars – McLaren MP4-12C, and no other car. The interior design was made by Coste Design & Partners and Jessica Sbaraglia of UltraLuxum.

luxury garage for McLaren MP4-12C


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Art Deco Garage

Art Deco Garage by Garage Mahals.

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Break Room

Break Room designed by Garage Mahals.

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Cinema Entertainment Room

Cinema Entertainment Room done by Garage Mahals.

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Classic Car Garage

Classic Car Garage designed by Garage Mahals

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Ferrari Custom Garage

This 2400 sq ft Ferrari themed subterranean garage is to be part of a stunning 45,000+ sq. ft. new construction in Paradise Valley, AZ.

This living showcase will display retired race cars and their decorated hoods, and provide an exciting entertainment venue for the owners and guests. In keeping with the Ferrari theme, all surfaces are sleek and glossy. The entertainment center and bar cabinets are to be of all acrylic with no visible handles. The large Ferrari logo embedded in the metallic pearl floor is unobstructed by the thick glass bar top.

Sure to be a big hit, one of the actual racing Ferrari’s will be converted to a fully functional racing simulator (see the yellow car on the platform). Front projectors will display a wrap-around image, actuators under the platform will move the car, and an integrated sound system will provide an exciting and very safe entertainment experience.

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Fire House Garage

Fire House Garage theme from Garage Mahals