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Turn Your Car Into An Internet Wireless Hotspot

BMW has launched a 4G LTE hotspot for its cars, giving users high-speed mobile internet on the road.

The device, which works like a router, is designed to give passengers internet access whether using a smartphone, tablet or notebook and can support up to eight devices simultaneously.

It also has a built-in battery pack, meaning that it can be removed from the vehicle and used on the move for up to one hour before recharging.

The device’s range can be adjusted from three meters to up to 10 meters, meaning that the hotspot can stay in the vehicle but users can still access the internet when standing outside of the car.

“The very fast bit rates and extremely low latency mean that an internet connection supported by the BMW Car Hotspot LTE is often even faster than a PC connection in the home,” says Markus Dietz, Project Manager BMW Car Hotspot LTE Development.

Compatible with any new or existing BMW with a BMW telephone docking station, the LTE hotspot works via an LTE-compatible SIM card. Once inserted, each device needs to be registered via an eight-digit code and then it is ready to use.

However, because the LTE Hotspot also supports NFC (Near Field Communication), if a user’s device supports the technology, simply touching it against the hotspot will authenticate it and establish a high-speed internet connection. BMW claims that this is the first time NFC functionality has been offered in a production car.

“‘Plug and play’ is something of an overworked term, but this is the genuine article,” says Markus Dietz.

But maybe the best feature is that although it is designed to work seamlessly with a BMW car, because it can be connected to a vehicle via USB and has an input for an external power supply, the LTE Hotspot could potentially be used with any vehicle.

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ResInno designs custom pianos even has piano inspired by Ferrari Testa Rossa

With a prime desire to enhance the sound quality, beauty and aesthetics of the piano, the piano designer who impressively gave the very 1st modification to the piano in over 100 years, and also served as master piano technician withAlicia Keys and Elton John, Justin Elliot under his founded company ResInno, renowned for its one-of-a-kind piano modifications, now offers progressive pianos that are more than just works of art. Hand-created with a custom blend of finest and exotic woods, the design modifications done by Justin Elliot to make an existing or newly purchased piano in to a one-of-a-kind art piece includes piano legs, musician benches, music racks and pedal lyres. Notably, ResInno’s carefully constructed, custom, exquisite piano designs that also provide undeniable improvement to the instrument’s tone even include a piano Grand Rossa, which was inspired by the iconic 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa race car.

Described to be ResInno’s raciest design yet, the piano Grand Rossa which is named after the Ferrari 1957 Testa Rossa boasts curves forming sleek semi-helixes, and a prolonged arch which looks to flow through the piano. Further, the entire ensemble in the deep Ferrari red called Rossa Corsa, was actually inspired by the master craftsmanship and exquisite beauty of the Ferrari.