The 50th Anniversary Edition Lamborghini Impec Bike Sells for $32,000

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Luxury Auto brands like Lamborghini couldn’t be just satisfied with making the best of powerful cars like the $3.9M most expensive Lamborghini Veneno that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini. They had inkling that their brand should grow wider, and evolve as a lifestyle statement unto itself hence the idea of high-end bicycles. We have previously seen the Limited edition BMC Lamborghini cycle, which retailed for $26,000. This time around, the price tag gets higher and the 50th anniversary Lamborghini Impec goes to its buyers for $32,000. Like most things precious by luxury brands, created for a special occasion, this bicycle is also a limited edition product with a made-to-order availability. Also, the uber-rich who are looking to splash around some cash are advised to order their Impec bikes soon, as there are only 50 editions of them to be made, each delivered by the respective dealers.


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