World’s most expensive kayak is made of carbon fiber with timber and gold plated finish

For exploring the calmer waters of the earth, the kayak is one of the best friends at hand. Pushing the limits of craftsmanship in its range of exquisite vessels, the McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1 is set to take the lead as the world’s most expensive kayak. Carbon fiber body with timber and gold plating on the edges, this kayak weighs just 40-lbs but has all the style and technical features which will set it on the holiday shopping list of the uber-rich buyers.

Conceived and created by the New Zealand duo of Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs, this kayak uses the same grade of carbon fiber as the one picked up by American Cup boat builders. This has made the body sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to handle in the waters. For the world class finishing, they have applied Durepox HP Clear primer and DuPoint Chroma clear for top coat. Buyers could even order a variety of colors and textures, which would also vary with paint is actually used on the kayak.


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