Our Process

Through our unique process GarageMahals® has become the worldwide leader in custom luxury garages.

Through our collaborative process you will actually be capable of visualizing your customized garage from concept all the way to installation . GarageMahals provides activity reports through our project management process providing you with up to date accountability through the course of the project. All custom items and specialty items are pre- engineered and fabricated, making it very easy for a straight forward installation.

You’ll never stop talking about it, neither will your friends. A custom garage from GarageMahals® isn’t just flooring, cabinets and the typical garage upgrade. What we provide is a piece of functional art: completely customized, undeniably unique.


After our initial creative consultation with the client, we start the Conceptual Design phase. GarageMahals employs a collaborative team approach that starts with a research based brainstorming session. We then choose the key elements and start ideation. These sketches are refined into a visual, full color presentation to be shared with the client.

GarageMahals® will create detailed designs using the latest in 3D technology from the approved conceptual design. This is a very time consuming phase using extremely precise engineered methods that allow us to check the scale and proportions of the overall environment. We work with the client at this time to determine the materials to be used in the end product. The next stage is the development of full color, photo-realistic renderings of your custom garage environment. Within this detailed design phase, GarageMahals® is able to use all the details to provide the client with accurate pricing.

We offer a turn-key solution for all of our designs. Not just the custom elements, but the flooring, wall coverings and all architectural lighting is included within the GarageMahals® scope. Each of these items can be a direct reflection on the other. The methods and materials included in all of our designs are not readily available at your local home improvement store. In fact, this is a full custom solution uniquely created for you and your environment. Using state of the art machinery and skilled artisans, GarageMahals® will fabricate all custom items per the Conceptual and Detailed designs. Specialty materials required for the installation will also be sourced by GarageMahals®. This is a major improvement over the classic construction processes, where the builder (local contractor) is responsible for ordering and installing special items per the design but without being told where this material may be obtained. GarageMahals custom items, specialty items, CAD drawings and installation instructions are all part of the turnkey package.

GarageMahals® will provide all installation services and successfully install your custom garage environment with the highest level of skill and professionalism.  If you would prefer to handle the installation locally and are currently working with a skilled contractor, GarageMahals® can send a small team of our experts to assist with the installation.

At the end of the process, you’re guaranteed a distinctive, one-of-a-kind garage environment that will be the envy of everyone who’s lucky enough to experience it. There’s no other company in the world that does exactly what we do. And once the job is complete, there won’t be a garage anywhere in the world like yours.