World Champion

This project is composed of four separate vignettes, one for each wall of this approx. 6400 sq. ft. garage. There is the Motorama vignette, Stadium Vignette, E. Wall vignette, and the Ferrari vignette. Unfortunately we only currently have photo's of the project in various stages of construction. The Motorama vignette is a tribute or celebration of the GM Motorama's of the 1950's and 1960's. GM used these historically significant traveling shows to present their new and future models. These shows were very elaborate and drew millions of visitors. This design salutes the art of the decor that created the environments that gave these auto shows their ambiance. Surrounding the four roll up doors at one end of the garage, this design incorporates many different aspects of several Motorama's, and even includes a replica of the classic "satellite" light fixture. The flooring includes two blue circles that simulate the floating pool displays present at several Motorama's. The Stadium vignette is a tribute to the...

Luxury Garage by Garage Mahals

1st Luxury Garage

This was the original and first true GarageMahal built by Michael Rhodig to show the world his concept of what a luxury garage environment is supposed to be. Incorporating as many design elements, functionalities, and materials as possible while still maintaining a cohesive and stunning environment was the objective of this project. Images of this garage formed the backbone of the first marketing materials used by GarageMahals and was finished just in time for display at the January 2006 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. The garage was a big hit with attendees, and proved that the concept had true market acceptance. See the "Red Button"? This mystery button is a favorite of every visitor. When you push the button, a flashing yellow industrial warning light and "awnk - awnk" warning sound draws your attention to mid ceiling above. You observe a large 2 ft. by 10 ft. panel with the far end rotating down from the darkness of the flat black ceiling. The...

Luxury Garage by Garage Mahals

Zen Garage

This is one Michael calls the "Zen" garage, and is a significant departure from previous work. This was a truly excellent design opportunity for Michael to show more depth and breadth of design talent. This luxury garage home in Paradise Valley, AZ is a custom design using an Asian theme with some elements of Frank Lloyd Wright styling. Normally, Michael does not design the garage around the style of the home, but this case was an exception. After careful study of the existing home, Michael knew he could use some elements to produce a stunning and tranquil garage space of organic colors, natural metallics, sounds of falling water and blend them with high tech lighting, surfaces, and audio visual enhancements. For example, sparkling rain glass complements the water walls and is also used in the home interior. The GarageMahals metallic Bronze epoxy flooring produces a fascinating liquid metal appearance, and the deep crystal clear finish makes the color coats look as...


New Smith Garage

This is the second garage idea for this wonderful client. This beautiful 30,000 sq. ft. home in Paradise Valley, AZ features a 10 car "U-Shaped" auto court. The center four bays make up this 1500 sq. ft. show garage. For this new garage, Mr. Smith wanted to keep with the theme of his first GarageMahals environment, which is a blend of Art Deco design with contemporary elements. Although this space carries the same theme as the previous garage, it is much more than the first. One of the stunning features of this garage is the style and drama of the columns and covers used to obscure all garage door mechanicals. Only the decorated inner surface of the roll-up door is revealed. This has become a GarageMahals signature trademark. For this space, designer and GarageMahals founder, Michael Rhodig, amplified the client's love of aviation by selecting images of 1930's era Arizona aviation from the Ruth Reinhold collection at the Arizona Historical Foundation....

Custom Garage Entertainment by Garage Mahals

Las Vagas Garage in Chicago

This client loves Las Vegas and had purchased this old machine tool factory building that had been converted to a residence. It has a beautiful modern 8,000 loft on the second floor above this 5,000 sq. ft. garage. It was decided to give him a trip to Vegas every time he comes home, by creating a Las Vegas Strip themed garage. There are several themed areas of interest. There is a circular full gar, a private casino, and a Venetian alcove, all in an environment of Vegas bling! The local contractor that did the install also did the photo shoot, and the photographer didn't really pay much attention to anything but the cars. So we don't have a lot of good photo's of the themed environment. That's too bad, because it is a fantastic space.     ...

Dream Garage by Garage Mahals

Ferrari Custom Garage

This 2400 sq ft Ferrari custom garage themed subterranean garage is to be part of a stunning 45,000+ sq. ft. new construction in Paradise Valley, AZ. This living showcase will display retired race cars and their decorated hoods, and provide an exciting entertainment venue for the owners and guests. In keeping with the Ferrari theme, all surfaces are sleek and glossy. The entertainment center and bar cabinets are to be of all acrylic with no visible handles. The large Ferrari logo embedded in the metallic pearl floor is unobstructed by the thick glass bar top. Sure to be a big hit, one of the actual racing Ferrari's will be converted to a fully functional racing simulator (see the yellow car on the platform). Front projectors will display a wrap-around image, actuators under the platform will move the car, and an integrated sound system will provide an exciting and very safe entertainment experience.   ...


Pittsburg Steeler Themed Garage

This client is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His only request for this themed garage was black on one side and yellow on the other, and from the photo's you can see the creative outcome by GarageMahals.. Some of the interesting attributes of the environment are the acrylic covered walls, the over-sized tread plate wainscoting, life size graphic images, custom LED lighting, custom covers for what were windows, and much more.   ...

Classic Car Ultimate Garage by Garage Mahals

Classic Car Garage

Classic Car Garage designed by GarageMahals   ...

Custom Garage Ideas by Garage Mahals

Smith Garage

This garage idea was the first for the Smith Family of Paradise Valley, AZ. This project proved to be an exercise in blending of two very distinct styles. Mr. Smith really enjoys both the art deco gasoline pumps he had already collected, and the look and feel of high tech. He asked Michael to see if he could make those two world's come together in his garage. Red, silver, and white are the dominant colors of this garage. The lighting facades over the pumps simulate service station awnings of the same time period, while the lighting, workbench, wainscoting, and door panels are purely high tech in appearance. Michael paid very close attention to detail and to his customer's background and taste. For example, whenever possible, automotive finishes are used, and the white paint on the hanging facades in not just any white, but GM Alpine White, first used on Cadillacs of the late 1950's. Michael chose this color while attending an...

Home Cinema Entertainment Garage by Garage Mahals

Home Cinema Entertainment Room

Home Cinema Entertainment Room done by GarageMahals.     ...

Entertainment Garage by Garage Mahals

Men In Black Entertainment Garage

Men in Black (MIB) themed entertainment garage   ...


Scottsdale Luxury Garage

This luxury garage project is a perfect example of a PRESTIGE Class GarageMahal. The client desired a garage environment with a big "Wow Factor" without a big "Oh my God" price. Using combinations of metallic paints, automotive finishes, GarageMahals Rolling Door Storage, and GarageMahals unique metallic epoxy flooring, created an environment that thrilled the customer and stayed within his budget.   ...

Muscle Car Garage by Garage Mahals

Muscle Car Garage

The inspiration for this car garage design is the clients' 1969 Camaro, a personal favorite of mine. The unique garage door surrounds incorporate a lot of muscle car specific automotive design characteristics. The concept of the orange faces you see in the images is that of taking the Camaro hood and grill, and folding it out flat. Other features of this garage are the GarageMahals rolling door storage, a corner work station, automotive styled partitions, muscle car upholstered wainscoting, and silver metallic and red acrylic wall panels. Oversized engine images adorn the inside garage door panels for a dramatic effect. When completed, this garage will be an absolute knockout!   ...

Industrial Themed Car Garage by Garage Mahals

Industrial Themed Garage

Industrial Themed Garage done by GarageMahals   ...

Art Deco Custom Garage by Garage Mahals

Art Deco Garage

Art Deco Custom Garage by GarageMahals.   ...

Multi-funcitional Garage by GarageMahals

Firehouse Garage

Firehouse Garage designed by GarageMahals.   ...


Racing Garage

This design is for the show model garage space of the My Extra Garage, garage condo project, being developed by UTAZ in the Chandler, AZ Airpark. First off, the space is 99ft long, 24 ft wide and has a clear height of 22 ft. So it's a rather long rectangular shape. The concept was to break up that shape into multiple areas of interest. The 22 ft height allows for a mezzanine level for entertainment or relaxing, while keeping the bottom level open for the cars, etc. The ground level has some storage and workbench facilities as well as a restroom beneath the stairs. There are three definite areas to the mezzanine level, the first you come to is the lounge area. This has some cherry wood cabinets, and leather furnishings to give it a warm comfortable feel. Glass railing surrounds all openings to the level below. The center area is for display of a single prize auto. The platform under this auto can...

Motorcycle Collector Custom Garage by GarageMahals

Motocycle Collector Garage

This Laguna Beach renovation client races and collects "antique" motocross motorcycles. The limited size of this basement level garage constrains the number of motorcycles that can be displayed to about 18, out of the 30+ bikes the client owns. An oil pit allows the owner the joy of maintaining his own cars. Design: Michael Rhodig, GarageMahals Concept renderings: Sean Divincenzo, Lone wolf Drafting and Design.   ...


Art Deco Design

Art Deco Design Garage by GarageMahals.   ...

Break Room Garage Makeover by GarageMahals

Break Room

Break Room designed by GarageMahals.  ...

Industrial Garage Ideas by GarageMahals

Retro Industrial Garage

Retro Industrial Garage completed by GarageMahals.   ...