World Champion

This project is composed of four separate vignettes, one for each wall of this approx. 6400 sq. ft. garage. There is the Motorama vignette, Stadium Vignette, E. Wall vignette, and the Ferrari vignette.

Unfortunately we only currently have photo’s of the project in various stages of construction.

The Motorama vignette is a tribute or celebration of the GM Motorama’s of the 1950’s and 1960’s. GM used these historically significant traveling shows to present their new and future models. These shows were very elaborate and drew millions of visitors. This design salutes the art of the decor that created the environments that gave these auto shows their ambiance. Surrounding the four roll up doors at one end of the garage, this design incorporates many different aspects of several Motorama’s, and even includes a replica of the classic “satellite” light fixture. The flooring includes two blue circles that simulate the floating pool displays present at several Motorama’s.

The Stadium vignette is a tribute to the clients’ deep roots with the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, and was inspired by piece of art owned by the client. GarageMahals went to great lengths to capture the authenticity of the Cardinals Busch Stadium while at the same time creating a completely original work of art.

The Ferrari vignette is most significant in this environment as it includes a serpentine staircase leading to a second floor office space, restroom, and suspended elliptical mezzanine with a full bar. On the first floor, this vignette includes a Detail Bay for minor auto maintenance and a turntable to rotate the cars into position to access the Detail Bay. There is also a space we call the Drivers Lounge accessed via a door under the staircase. All elements of this vignette utilize Ferrari styling, colors, and textures. For example, a wall in the office is covered in panels of the Ferrari dash charcoal leather and thick red double stitching. All paints used are authentic PPG Ferrari colors.