1st Luxury Garage

This was the original and first true GarageMahal built by Michael Rhodig to show the world his concept of what a luxury garage environment is supposed to be. Incorporating as many design elements, functionalities, and materials as possible while still maintaining a cohesive and stunning environment was the objective of this project. Images of this garage formed the backbone of the first marketing materials used by GarageMahals and was finished just in time for display at the January 2006 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. The garage was a big hit with attendees, and proved that the concept had true market acceptance.

See the “Red Button”? This mystery button is a favorite of every visitor. When you push the button, a flashing yellow industrial warning light and “awnk – awnk” warning sound draws your attention to mid ceiling above. You observe a large 2 ft. by 10 ft. panel with the far end rotating down from the darkness of the flat black ceiling. The panel rotates to about 65 degrees and stops. Then the bottom of an extension ladder lowers until it touches the floor and everything stops. Your access to the attic above the 13 ft ceiling is now conveniently available. Simply push the red button again and the whole process repeats in reverse until the large panel is again flush with the ceiling. Everyone seems to find this automation very entertaining and so convenient.

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