Amazing CXL Trimaran with Luxury Garage for a McLaren MP4-12C

Want to travel the world and take your beloved McLaren MP4-12C with you over seas? All you need is a floating luxury garage, and UltraLuxum has got the perfect solution for you: the stunning CXL trimaran concept. This baby is reportedly the largest sailing trimaran in the world, boasting a width of 75 feet when the retractable outer hulls unfold.

McLaren Applied Technologies designed these retractable hulls for extra safety and stability, making the trimaran much more reliable than any mono hull of similar size. After the hulls are retracted (and this can happen in a matter of minutes), the vessel measures just 36 feet, making it very versatile and easy to handle in ports and marinas of different sizes.

When the vessel will make it to the production lines, it will be crafted from vacuum-infused epoxy. The three-deck yacht has four guest cabins, a master cabin, an optional spa, and the aforementioned custom garage that was designed to only fit the top in luxury cars – McLaren MP4-12C, and no other car. The interior design was made by Coste Design & Partners and Jessica Sbaraglia of UltraLuxum.

luxury garage for McLaren MP4-12C


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