BW1 Hovering Golf Cart byBubba Watson&Neoteric Hovercraft

Golf star Bubba Watson came up with a very neat idea of improving the golf carting experience. Golf carts have been pretty much the same for a very long time, and what they offer is a slow ride and a lot of movement limitations due to the fact that they affect the turf as they roll over it.

But what if golfers could enjoy a little extra fun as they move across the course? What if no obstacle was too much and their carts could just go wherever they wanted, including over water? Thanks to Watson’s excellent idea, this is now very possible.

He contacted Neoteric Hovercraft Inc. and proposed them an interesting collaboration. The result was an exciting hovering golf cart called BW1. The Indiana-based company is specialized in manufacturing hovercrafts for personal and professional purposes, so they immediately accepted the challenge. The BW1 rides on a bubble of air and leaves no print on the turf. It can take golfers over the green without any restrictions, and it can even go across bodies of water. Who doesn’t want that?


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