Lamborghini Aventador for the Dubai Police

The Middle East is a place where appearances are a little bit more important than in other areas of the world, and this amazing police car is an excellent proof of that. It is not every day that we see Lamborghini Aventadors on the street, but it is even more uncommon to see them bear the police emblem and lights.

For Dubai, however, having a luxury supercar in the police fleet is not that big a deal. After all, they also have several other stunners like a few new Chevy Camaros. Even though it makes sense to use the 700 HP Aventador in police chases, the car will apparently only be used as a display vehicle intended to impress tourists. Glam police patrols actually sound very Dubai to us.

And let’s not forget that this is a prohibitively expensive supercar (around $400,000), so crushing it in a chasing that went bad is not exactly an option.

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