The Audiophile’s $40,000 Lacrima Speakers are shaped like a swan

Designed keeping in mind the discerning audiophiles, who demands the finest speakers boasting the master combination of innovative, smart aesthetics and unparalleled acoustics the world has to offer, here are the hand-built four-way Audiophile’s Lacrima Speakers that produces the widest, most stable acoustic sweet spot of any speakers available. Featuring rounded, teardrop shaped, unique cabinet made from quasi-isotropic glass, reinforced plastic, and a lightweight balsa core, the $40,000 priced speakers that are shaped like swan not just produces broad, horizontal sound dispersion across an entire room and eliminates the distortion created by secondary reflections in rectangular cabinets, but also grace the space where they are placed. Besides, we have also seen some of the world’s most luxurious speakers, including the world’s most expensive speakers by Hart Audio, the Sonus Faber’s $120k Aida speakers, the Ring Audio’s Horn speakers which is all about unconventional looks and great sound, and the sexiest spherical speakers.

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