Thermal Exclusive Car Club-Amazing Custom Garages

Check out these custom garage villas. The Thermal Club is the premier private motorsports facility in the world. In addition to 4.5 miles of Members-only racetrack, the Club facilities will include a fully amenitized Clubhouse and Village unrivaled in the motorsports world, and will rank among the best of private clubs of any type.

 At Thermal they understand that setting records means raising the bar both on and off the track. All 4.5 miles of our exquisite racetrack is designed to push both amateur and professional to their limit, giving members the thrill of driving at peak performance amidst the endless desert skies.
Members of Thermal will also have full access to secured vehicle storage and the opportunity to select and customize personal garage lots for trackside entertainment.

Whether on or off the tarmac, Thermal provides its members the finest elements for a performance lifestyle.

We’ll be designing some of the garages there in the near future! We’ll keep you posted as for now for more information check them out at: Thermal Club


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