Only 499 lucky owners will get to drive the new 2014 LaFerrari supercar

The 2014 LaFerrari has been debuted at the Geneva Auto Show, and it truly is every bit the Italian prancing horse’s marvel. Though the price tag hasn’t been revealed, but the latest supercar from Ferrari will be made in a limited production run of just 499 pieces in all. Considering that, the prices can be predicted to rise rather high and very rightly take a place in the list of most expensive Ferraris, but for the true die-hard fan, it never really mattered as we notice. Also, what generates a considerable amount of interest currently is the name, which according to Luca di Montezemolo has been kept keeping in mind, that this Ferrari happens to be the maximum expression of what Ferrari is known for; excellence.

A car like the LaFerrari would be mainly is known for what it has stored under the hood. This time is a massive 963 HP, V-12 monster which will power this supercar to travel at over 350 km/ph of top speed. For going from 0-100 km/ph, one would need less than 3 seconds. This makes it by far, the fastest road car created by the Italian car maker. But despite being as heavy and power thrusted, the engine gives out only 330 h/km of CO2, which puts it among the best in terms of CO2 norms.

Other than the engine, there are specimens of high grade engineering like the Sistema Frenata Anti Bloccaggio Prestazionale / Electronic Brake Balance. This new addition means that there are carbon-ceramic material (CCM) discs alongside light weight calipers which help keep the heat down by the correct cooling of the braking system. The suspension system is double wishbones for the front wheels and multilink for the rear.


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