World’s last operational steam-powered superyacht ‘S.S. Delphine’ is for sale at $50 million

The world of luxury auctions is witnessing a new trend; classical older yachts on the auction block for sale. Though cars, jewelry, whiskeys, wines, and memorabilia typically were the favorites, but the collectors seem equally interested about luxurious yachts from the yester years.  Joining their league is the world’s last operational steam-powered superyacht, S.S. Delphine going under the hammer with a price tag of $50 million. Magnum office in it’s size and passenger experience, this is known to be the last vessel floating, powered with a steam based engine. It can carry 36 guests at any point of time, while hosting a gathering of 150, and also 24 crew members. So, those interested about luxurious ‘floating’ history, could certainly look this one to shell their money on it.

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